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Shatavari 10:1 Plant Extract
Shatavari 10:1 Plant Extract
Shatavari 10:1 Plant Extract

Shatavari 10:1 Plant Extract

  • GMP Certified
  • No Soy
  • No Added Colors Or Sugars

Being one of the most popular and trusted herbs, our Shatavari paired with vitamins designed to lower stress and aid with menstrual cramps. Our careful blend is trusted to deliver the comfort you require during menopause and lactation, too.

    700mg (Equivalent to 7,000mg)

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    Maintains Healthy Flora

    Balances pH Levels

    Improves Hormonal & Estrogen Levels

    Comfort & Hygiene

    10x Strength


    Bad pH Levels

    Uncomfortable Discharge

    Hormone Imbalance


    When To Consume?

    Consume 2 tablets a day

    1 tablet before or after lunch/dinner

    Consume it with milk or water

    Maintain healthy pH levels

    Maintain the delicate balance of your pH levels with our 100% natural blend of pure herb extracts to give you all-day freshness and confidence

    Boost your internal balance

    With a unique combination of clinically proven natural herbs, Vagicare ensures that your healthy flora is maintained for optimal health and even protects against infections

    Eliminate itching, odor and more

    Made to cater to all your feminine needs, our blend will keep your lady parts balanced and fresh while combating unpleasant feelings such as itching, odor, dryness and other discomforts

    Improve your hormonal & estrogen levels

    Packed with phytoestrogen, VagiCare has been expertly crafted to balance your hormones, promote healthier menstruation cycles while reducing hot flashes and night sweats

    Frequently Asked Question

    Yes! Nuvomed Shatavri is safe to be consumed during the lactation period. Nuvomed Shatavari Promotes Milk Production in Lactating Mothers. Shatavari stimulates the pituitary gland and ACTH to release prolactin, which is essential for healthy milk production. It also has a strong anti-oxytocin effect, boosting lactation when needed

    Saponins and natural Phytoestrogen balance estrogen levels to ease the menstrual cycle and relieve abdominal cramps. It helps with irritability and mood swings, annoying bloating, and boosts physical and mental well-being

    Shatavari 10:1 Plant Extract
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